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Colour Energy Therapy

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Colour Therapy Healing

Butterflies will also be offering Colour Therapy Health. Colour therapy is one of the fastest growing areas in natural health. It is now used extensively in Europe, Asia and America as a complementary treatment for a wide variety of health issues and to improve well being and emotional conditions. Colour is a powerful tool. Colour affects our moods and behaviour and has a major influence over our happiness, health and well-being. Colour Therapy is also used in your Home, Office & Workplace. I am certified in Colour Therapy and have personally been working with colour since 1994. I will be doing Colour Healing, Colour Balancing, Colour Foot Baths, Ionic Foot Detoxing and will be selling colour therapy products, baskets and more. I will also be consulting on where and why you should be using different colour in your home, office, nursery's or workspace. ~Fay McCracken